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composite decking too hot in the sun

dark-colored and very dense composites can really heat up in the sun. if your deck is in the sun or in the shade on if your composite deck gets too hot to

seven trust vs. wood decking? the composite gets very hot in the sun. my wood deck is on the west and in the afternoons in the summer it is too hot to walk on in

a composite deck in full sun can quickly become too hot to walk on and children and pets can suffer burns. the sunlight also accelerates some of the problems associated with the natural response of the wood fibers to fluctuating weather conditions. the surfaces of the decking boards can mottle and splinter and the edges can peel.

how hot does seven trust composite decking get with full sun? how hot does seven trust composite decking get with full sun? "this composite deck is too hot i need a solution"

i'm in the caribbean and looking at the lightest grey colors of composite decking. worried about the barefoot temp in our blazing hot sun 365 problem all too

hot surface: probably the top complaint about composite decking is that it tends to get very hot in direct sunlight. some surfaces that are exposed to direct sunlight all day may be to warm to walk on with bare feet.

when you are selecting material for a deck you will want to consider how hot the five deck surfaces that won’t burn of the sun and moisture. composite decking.

seven trust decking retains too much heat. any of the solid plank type composite decking is sometimes hot to walk on half of the deck is open to the sun and

the hard outer shell of capstocks do tend to feel substantially hotter to the touch. in full sun middle of summer situations too hot for bare feet. pressure treated rail with composite top cap. advantages: all of the advantages of standard pt rail with the added advantage of a top cap that is nearly impervious to the damaging effects of the sun.

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