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modulus of elasticity of wood prergola

the elasticity and durability of wood increase as its density increases. the modulus of elasticity of wood in the direction of the grain may be up to a hundred times more than the same parameter perpendicular to the grain. in the radial direction the modulus of elasticity is about twice as great as the same parameter in a .

bioresour technol. 2001 sep;79(2):193-8. assessing modulus of elasticity of wood-fiber cement (wfc) sheets using nondestructive evaluation (nde). teixeira de(1) moslemi a. author information: (1)laboratório de produtos florestais-lpf/ibama brasília-df brazil. [email protected] this study evaluates whether the .

technically it's a measurement of the ratio of stress placed upon the wood compared to the strain (deformation) that the wood exhibits along its length. moe is expressed in pounds-force per square inch (lbf/in) or gigapaschals (gpa). this number is given for wood that has been dried to a 12% moisture content unless .

average increase (or decrease) in clear wood strength properties for a i-percent. decrease (or increase) in moisture content below fiber saturation point. property. static bending. fiber stress at proportional limit. modulus of rupture. modulus of elasticity. work to proportional limit. work to maximum load. impact bending .

tests at the forest products laboratory prior to world war ii showed that the modulus of elasticity of wood could be measured by use of sound waves. this report presents data from more recent studies made to compare results obtained by sonic (dynamic) methods with those from static tests. samples were tested in .

distribution: west tropical africa. tree size: 100-130 ft (30-40 m) tall 3-5 ft (1-1.5 m) trunk diameter. average dried weight: 40 lbs/ft (640 kg/m). specific gravity (basic 12% mc): .52 .64. janka hardness: 1070 lbf (4760 n). modulus of rupture: 13190 lbf/in (91.0 mpa). elastic modulus: 1537000 lbf/in (10.60 gpa).

the influence of temperature on the compression strength (fc0) in the range of -196 ºc to +220 ºc and compression modulus of elasticity (ec0) parallel to the grain of oak (quercus mongolica fisch et turcz.) wood in the range of -196 ºc to +23 ºc were studied. five specimens were prepared for each temperature level.

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